From the anime series "Evangelion" comes " Evangelion Key Holder Watch " that had the design of the chest and abdomen of humanoid bio-machines Evangelion. The back of the watch was carved with the unit number that give off a bright shine.

Evangelion is a story that depict sthe way of living of eachprotagonist: Shinji, Rei, and Asuka piloting the bio-machine calledEvangelion. It had attracted a large amounts of people with the universal theme; "What is the qualities of a human?" and "What is the purpose of human living?”

The "Evangelion Key Holder Watch" that was released this time has a total of three design; Evangelion Unit-01, Evangelion Unit-00, and Evangelion Unit-02.
This is a watch that can be used by both Eva's fan and non-fan and each design has a limited amount of 200. (※ Unit-01 and Unit-02 had sold out. Kindly check the product page for more information.)

Each design of the "Evangelion Key Holder Watch" can be ordered online and is priced at 2,420 JPY (tax included).