The second line-up round of fragrances from anime and manga, “Inuyasha”, gets released by “primaniacs”. The product comes in 5 different scents, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kikyo, and Naraku, each named after a character of the series. Product sales will start at “primaniacs” stores from Feb. 21, 2020.

“Miroku” has a clear and refreshing watery marine aroma, one that characterizes the priest’s fight against a devastating cursed destiny.
In a jaunty and buoyant way, it is fruity but at the same time leaves behind traces of bitterness in the air. Like a Narcissus flower that blooms by the riverside, a smell that gently spreads in the air and touches your face like a sweet breeze. A kind of fragrance that realizes the value of comrades along its journey as it goes against a strong wind.

“Kikyo” has a vibrant citrus green aroma that coveys the clear decisiveness in her gaze.
The lemon and grapefruit scents mix well and reminisce of her gallant braveness. Just like roses and jasmine buds starting to bloom, its aroma is evocative of a gentle and warm light that is full of love and devotion. An elegant fragrance that shows a glimpse of the youthfulness inside a delicate heart.

“Shippo” has a fancy fruity aroma, that melts anyone’s heart with a fluttering fluffy fox-tail.
It contains colorful scents from orange and raspberry fruits, spreading a cheerful and vigorous smell in the air. You’ll have a merry encounter with a small being by following the sweetness of a softly swaying Neroli flower.
A lovely fragrance that makes you forget time under the sunshine of a gorgeous bright day.

“Sango” has a mystical and innocent floral aroma, much like the elegant and profound simplicity of a blossoming flower.
Its leafy green scent is remindful of the sacred qualities of the devoted maiden.
Like Hyacinth and Magnolia flower petals scattering ephemerally, its aroma feels like a sudden burst of long-suppressed feelings coming to the surface. A gracefully wondrous fragrance, resembling a fragile sorrow hidden deep behind charming eyes.

“Naraku” has an alluring deep woody aroma, like a infiltrating shadow crawling in the chaos.
Carrying the sweetness of a damp Heliotrope flower, and tartness of coriander, it drifts in the air seductively.
This sweet smell dissipates in the air like a mist clearing out, leaving behind the sensations of being caught and tangled in a spider’s thread. A deceitfully perilous fragrance, that seeps in slowly like poison fused in the deepest twilight.

“Inuyasha Fragrances 2nd Line-up” is priced at 5,417JPY (taxes excluded) and sales start on Feb. 21, 2020 in primanics’s stores in Japan. For fans interested in trying out the new fragrances, scent samples will be available at primaniacs Ginza store from Dec. 19, 2019.

(C)Takahashi Rumiko/Shogakukan