Primaniacs will be releasing seven fragrances inspired by the characters of "Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World". Each fragrance costs 5,417 yen (excluding tax) and will go on sale on Jan. 24, 2020.

The collection will include the following seven scents: “Natsuki Subaru”, “Emilia”, “Reinhard van Astrea”, “Julius Juukulius”, “Rem”, “Ram”, and “Beatrice”. Each fragrance is inspired by the characters they are named after.

“Natsuki Subaru” is a light, cheerful, and fresh scent. The hint of sharpness from the galbanum cuts through like the piercing determination in his eyes. The earthy scent gradually deepens over time, evoking the depths of his innermost thoughts.

“Emilia” is a smooth and airy scent with a light and clean feel to it. It brightens up the room like a beam of light shining through the cracks. The soft sweet smell starts to come through as the perfume begins to dry down, its tenderness reminiscent of Emilia’s warm smile.
It is a fragrance that conveys both her genuine kindness and inner strength.

“Reinhard van Astrea” is a cool and dignified scent composed of herby green notes, which make you feel as though you're embraced by a refreshing breeze. Tart and delicate at the base, this fragrance emits a continuously bold and unwavering scent.
“Reinhard van Astrea” is a clean-cut and beautiful fragrance that reminds you of his stoic and gallant personality.

“Julius Juukulius” is a delicate fragrance, comprised of beautiful citrus notes with a hint of sweetness. The clear and sinuous scent reminds you of a bright and warm early spring sky.
This fragrance is a blend of warmth and serenity, its notes vivid and sonorous. His calming scent exudes elegance.

“Rem” is a fresh and fruity scent whose sweetness evokes innocence. The sweet aroma develops over time, like a young girl gradually falling in love. After enveloping the touch of bitterness from cardamom, the scent gives way to a soft and comforting smell.
This clean and bright fragrance will remind you of Rem’s sweet, innocent smile.

“Ram” is a sparkly fragrance that opens with a burst of sweet and tangy notes. Supple and pure, this scent conveys her inner strength. The fragrance fades away to a delicate warm scent, with soft underlying notes of rose petals.
Like stars in a clear night sky, this fragrance evokes feelings of conviction and love.

“Beatrice” is a sweet cotton candy scent that is subtle and unassuming. It brings to mind a girl forever trapped in a dream with no way out. When she opens the door at the end of the musky scent, she finds a curious strength within that nudges her forward.
Like the memory of a dream, this fragrance conveys both youth and elegance.

“Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World Fragrances” cost 5,417 yen each (excluding tax), and will be available for purchase starting on Jan. 24, 2020.

(C) Nagatsuki Tappei・KADOKAWA Future Publishing / Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World Production Committee