The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” related “Fuwamoko Roomwear Series” presents a line-up of pastel-colored merchandise with Usagi and Chibiusa-themed embroidered patchesns attached. “Fuwamoko” means “warm and fuzzy.””.

Preorders of “Fuwamoko One Piece,” “Fuwamoko Zip-up Hoodie,” “Fuwamoko Long Pants,”and “Fuwamoko Short Pants” are currently available at Bandai Premium’s “BanColle! Premium Bandai Branch.”

“Fuwamoko One Piece” is a cute roomwear that has frills at the hem and is long enough to be worn as a dress. The Usagi and Chibiusa embroidery is attached to its chest pocket.
“Fuwamoko Zip-up Hoodie” is a hoodie with a convenient zipper, whose design features handy pockets on both sides and bi-colored cuffs.

“Fuwamoko Long Pants” and “Fuwamoko Short Pants” are sewn to add the cuteness of a round silhouette and shortness, along with an embroidered rear pocketand. These should be a perfect match with the one-piece or the hoodie.

The pricing, tax included, are as follows: “Fuwamoko One Piece” costs 9,460 JPY, “Fuwamoko Zip-up Hoodie” 9,240 JPY, “Fuwamoko Long Pants” 7,480 JPY, and “Fuwamoko Short Pants” 6,600 JPY.

Preorders are available until Dec. 1, 11:00pm at Bandai Premium’s “BanColle! Premium Bandai Branch,” and will be sent out in February, 2020.

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