From the anime “Bungo Stray Dogs”, Osamu Dazai from “Double Black” appears as a 1/8 size figure. Advance orders are being accepted at “Premium Bandai”.
This figure realistically reproduces the characteristics of Dazai, his cool and clever expression that makes it possible to do precise strategic planning, and a flapping sandy coat. Lined up with the “1/8 Figure of Nakahara Chuya” that is being released simultaneously, and they become the perfect image of a common front.
We hope you enjoy the worst two-person combination that was once called “Double Black”.

The price of the “Bungo Stray Dogs 1/8 Scale figure of Dazai Osamu ” is 13,200 JPY (tax included), and advance orders are being accepted at “Premium Bandai” until 22:00 on Dec. 20, 2019. The actual products themselves will be shipped in Mar. 2020.

(C) Asagiri Kafka, Harukawa 35 / KADOKAWA / 2019 Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee