Original merchandise of Toyama Kasumi and her band members in Lawson uniforms have been announced. This announcement is a part of a collaboration between Lawson and the mini anime series “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party☆Pico”, which is based on a mobile game called “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party”. This merchandise will be available in limited quantities at Lawson stores nationwide but will be more widely available at select participating stores for a limited time.

Currently, the lineup of original goods include acrylic keychain designs for Toyama Kasumi, Mitake Ran, Maruyama Aya, Minato Yukina, and Tsurumaki Kokoro. Keychains purchased in Lawson stores have a chance of having a “winning ticket”, which will get you a cushion with a designed cover as a prize. A set of three clear A4-sized folders are also available for purchase, each of which showcases a lively design featuring the previously mentioned characters.

These original goods will be available for purchase beginning on Dec. 13, 2019. Furthermore, preorders for these items will be accepted via Loppi and HMV & Books Online from Dec. 13, 2019, to Jan. 3, 2020.

The “BanG Dream! Xmas Party 2019” event is also scheduled to be held from Dec. 6 to Dec. 12, 2019. During this time, Lawson’s Toei Suidobashi Station and Hongo Hakusai Dori stores will be showcased as part of the collaboration. These locations will be fully decorated and will feature both the previously mentioned merchandise and re-released original Lawson goods sold in the past.

(C)BanG Dream! Project