The trailer for the movie 『Frozen 2』 (in theaters from Nov. 22, 2019) was released. After retrieving the sisterly ‘bond’ in the previous movie, scenes of Elsa and Annaenjoying their life in the Arenndelle Kingdom, playing gesture games with Olaf, Kristoff and Sven can be found in the trailer.

『Frozen 2』 is the latest installment for Disney’s 『Frozen』.

Elsa, who had become the queen of Arendelle, was enjoying her life together with Anna, Kristoff and also Olaf while worrying about her special powers that make her different from the people around her. One day, Elsa heard a mysterious ‘singing voice’ that only she couldhear. The two sisters, Elsa, who wanted to reveal the secrets of her magical power, and Anna, who wanted to protect Elsa, took off on a journeyguided by that ‘singing voice’.

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Matsu Takako who voiced Elsa, Kanda Sayaka who voiced Anna, Takeuchi Shunsuke who voiced Olaf and Hara Shinichirou who voiced Kristoff appeared in the trailerwith the scenes of them playing gesture games.
The mood maker Olaf, who managed to ‘understand letters’ and was able to read the words written on the paper easily, was giving out the topic while changing his body freely. The scene whereOlaf portrays ‘Elsa’ magnificently is a must watch scene. The trailer alsoincludes the two sisters’ happy life where they realized the importance of ‘family’ after strengthening their bond in the previous movie.

The movie 『Frozen 2』will be released on Nov. 22, 2019.

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