Matsu Takako performs the Japanese dub of Elsa from “Frozen 2” (in theaters Nov. 22). The MV of her singing the main song “Into the Unknown” has been released.
The melody is even more majestic than the song from the last film and Elsa’s hopes and fears of the unknown world yet to come is expressed well through her strong and beautiful voice.

Elsa hears a mysterious song only she can hear and once again faces her own powers. “Into the Unknown” is a song about her still hesitating but trying to step forward to the unknown world.
This song is a trigger to Elsa unraveling the mystery of her own powers and will be used in an important scene cueing the begging of the story.

In the movie, Elsa wonders “Why is it only me that has these special powers?” “Why am I different from the others?”. She feels that these powers will not let her keep the happiness she has, so chooses to move on in a new world to find out the mysteries of her powers.

Anna, on the other hand, wants to keep this happy life and follows Elsa on her journey to keep her safe.
What adventures will they face by following their hearts to step into the unknown world?

“Frozen 2” will be in theaters from Nov. 22, 2019.

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