A new Ukiyo-e wood print based on 「Doraemon」 will be released in limited quantities on Oct 7 at 12:00 pm on the EC platform “COLLAB JAPAN”, which sends out products of collaboration contents of Japan and artists.

Doraemon and others appear in Hiroshige Utagawa’s masterpiece “Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake” which is said to have been reproduced by Gogh.

“Doraemon Ukiyo-e One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Ohashi Atake no Yudachi” captures they started rushing because of the sudden heavy rain in the evening at the current Shin-Ohashi bridge from Hamacho in Nihonbashi to Fukagawa Rokkenbori.
Straight lines of rain drawn diagonally with ombre sumi (ink) are carved out of single lines without resting a knife in order to give a lively feeling.

In addition, the black rain clouds that let the evening shower at the top of the screen were given Surishi (printer)’s remarkable technique which was said to be “Atenashi Bokashi”.
You can enjoy the adorable facial expressions of Doraemon and others appearing in Hiroshige’s masterpieces which surprised and fascinated artists from all over the world, such as impressionists.

The selling price of “Doraemon Ukiyo-e One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Ohashi Atake no Yudachi” is 50,500 yen (tax and shipping inclusive). Limited to 300 copies of the first edition, reservations will begin at the online shop “COLLAB JAPAN” from 12:00 pm on Oct 7.

Shipment is scheduled in late January to late February 2020 in order of product order.

“Doraemon Ukiyo-e One Hundred Famous Views of Edo”
Reservation start: Oct 7 (Monday) from 12:00 pm
Sales price: 50,500 yen (tax and shipping inclusive)
Number of sales: First edition limited to 300 copies
Publisher: hanzou Co., Ltd.
Specifications: Painting (W: about 217mm × H: about 340mm) with a dedicated frame
Frame: Wood, back plate, wooden plywood
Mat: Paper
Washi (Japanese paper): The national treasure Iwano Ichibei Echizen Kizuki Bosho

[About delivery] We will ship in the order of the product order from late January to late February. * With certificate showing an edition number
* Up to 3 tickets per person can be purchased. Thank you for your understanding.
* Cash on delivery is not possible, so please be noted.
* Since craftsmen make one by one by hand, delivery times may vary. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
*There may be the number of accesses on the reservation start date, and access may be delayed due to server load. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
* Please note that it is sold only in Japan and not shipped overseas.
* Product returns are not accepted.
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