“Eldra Daughtress”, a custom mobile suit built based off “Daughtress”, from “Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise”, has been released as a newly modeled Gunpla under the HGBD:R series. Pre-orders are now available at “Premium Bandai”

This product, “Eldora Daughtress” is a brand new model developed using “Daughtress”, a production model from ” After War Gundam X”, as a base. The unique Multiple Barrel Rifle has an unfolding gimmick from which you can recreate the maximum beam emission. Also, different tones of gray are used for the parts and foil stickers are used for the purple parts, the head, the shield, and the Multiple Barrel Rifle.

“HGBD:R 1/144 EldoraDaughtress” is priced at 1,430JPY (tax included).
Pre-orders are now available at “Premium Bandai” and shipment is scheduled for Feb. 2020.