On Nov. 5, ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! Project presentation was held in Tokyo and it was revealed that the anime version will release in Spring 2020 and will be turned into an application game in the second half of the same year.
Argonavis active members including Ito Masahiro, Daisuke Hyuga, Maeda Seiji, Morishima Shuta, Hashimoto Shohei, and the vocalists of the newly announced bands Ogasawara Jin and Arthur Lounsbery appeared to talk about the prospects for new developments.

「ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!」 depicts daily activities of the boyband Argonavis, by university students from Hakodate, Hokkaido. Up until now, the band has been energetically performing live performances by voice actors themselves, but they will also be getting an anime adaptation.

“Our activity has started since last year and it’s finally getting an anime adaptation. Five of us are very happy to be able to announce this to everyone who is always giving us the neverending support!” Ito who plays as Nanahoshi Ren expressed his indescribable feelings.

“I was surprised that it would be animated so quickly, but I’m sure this would be an amazing work,” Hyuga who plays as Goryo Yuto expressed his confidence regarding the upcoming anime.

“It was full of excitement when I watched the (news flash) PV again. Together, we can see their future story from now on,” Maeda who plays as Matoba Wataru voiced his opinion. And continued with some words from Morishima who plays as Kikyo Rio “All the actors will do their best, so please look forward to the broadcast!”

“I want this band to keep advancing and become big one day, just like a boat that keeps on sailing. I’m sure we can do our best,” Hashimoto who plays as Shiroishi Banri also showed his optimism.

「GYROAXIA」 a new band from the anime is also introduced.
As for the Asahi Nayuta that Ogasawara plays, he revealed regarding his role passionately despite having a moment where he sluttered when announcing his role due to nervousness. “Asahi is a lonely genius vocalist. He seems to be ruthless at first glance, but his passion for aiming to be the best is cool. He’s so motivated even if his height is not that tall compared to other band members. (laughs)”

According to the director of Sanzigen animation production, Matsura Hiroaki, motion capture is used to measure actors’ movements in the live scene.
The main focus is to deliver the live scenes’ “coolness” of the male bands.

Mori Nobuhiro, who is in charge of the series composition and screenplay, said to be his first time to work on an anime series.
“It is a story where five people pursue their dream dreams and form a band, where they can not go on with only half-hearted feelings. I had included difficult trial in order for them to reach their dreams.” Behind-the-scenes of a heated screenplay held by the staff is also revealed.
“The characters’ atmosphere and approach change rapidly, and you can see their growth in a short time. Looking forward to how big the bands will grow,” director Nishikiori Hiroshi stated his expectations.

The release of ARGONAVIS 3rd CD, which includes songs from both Argonavis and GYROAXIA bands, has also been decided.
“There is also a part when five of us sing together, sometimes someone made a mistake when we were practicing (laughs). The song is just like a compass for Argonavis,” Ito commented. “A song that is exactly ‘declaration’ for GYROAXIA, as the title says, ‘This is what called Loud Rock! / Loud Rock to ha Kore!'” Ogasawara also gave some comments regarding GYROAXIA’s new song.

Furthermore, when it was reported that a live event will be held in April 2020, the cast members on the stage were shocked like they seemed to hear it for the first time.

The app game 『ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside』, which was decided to be released in the second half of 2020, depicts the world after the final episode of anime.
Argonavis goes to Tokyo and participates in the 「Live Royale Festival」, which determines the top amateur bands all over Japan.

In the game, a new visual band 「Fantome Iris」 from Nagoya, all made up of working adults, has also been revealed.

Arthur Lounsbery who plays as Felix Louis-Claude Mont d’or, the vocalist of Fantome Iris, told us a bit about his role. “Felix is set as the king who controls all vampires. Consider his fans as a clan and whisper, ‘Would you be a part of my clan?'” Other casts are excited about this unique world view. It seemed like they couldn’t wait for the release.

The presentation was broadcasted live on YouTube and shared with fans in real-time.
In addition, the game development screen and new Promotional Videos of the 3 bands were released, and there was a scene of the entire cast are too absorb in looking at the monitor.
“Starting from a live house to this point, 5 of us (Argonavis) have undergone some changes. The new 2 bands with their different images will appear as well, so I’m looking forward to both the anime and game!” Ito gave a final comment with a smile on his face.