A collaboration watch between [City Hunter theater edition ] and veteran watch maker [Seiko] is announced. Reservation is now open through [ANIPLEX +].

The collaboration watch represents the world of [City Hunter]. The face of watch is designed a target and the index (scale) is used [XYZ] and [357] from Saeba Ryo’s love gun’s nickname. In addition, the 9 o’clock part was deliberately designed as a ‘pinhole shot’. Besides the illustration of Saeba Ryo on the back of the watch, a serial number is also engraved.

The box in which this collaboration watch comes in is also special. A special box is prepared to answer the dilemma of ‘not only looking beautiful when you wear it but also at home’. The box can be used as an accessory case when you remove the insole.

[City hunter theater edition x Seiko] collaboration watch is priced at 49,250 yen (including tax) and reservation is still accepted through [ANIPLEX +] until Dec. 22, 2019. Delivery isscheduled for Apr. 2020.

(C) Hojo Tsukasa / NSP / “2019 Theatrical City Hunter” Production Committee