Nagai Go's manga, Cutie Honey, is getting a stage play adaption titled Cutie Honey Emotional, which will be taken placed at Ikebukuro, Tokyo from Feb. 6, 2020. Cutie Honey role will be played by former member of Idol Group NMB48, Jonishi Kei.

The original material was adapted into many forms such as anime, manga, movie under the name Cutie Honey. This time, music, dances and action will be mixed in with the original material's motif to create the highest quality entertainment to give birth to a new "Honey".

Thesetting of the story is in the near-future. Kisaragi Honey transferred to the special class of Saint Chapel Academy for young ladies, where only selected girls can attend. One day, the school campus was attacked by a mysterious monster, then suddenly a few of her classmate transformed into "Neo-Honey" and started fighting the monster. At that time, Honey heard the voice of her deceased mother saying "My dear, you're Cutie Honey." and unconsciously shouted out "Honey Flash!" then transformed into Cutie Honey. She proceeded to defeat the monster but then lost her consciousness. After waking up, she was confronted by Hayami Aoi from the Panther Claw Countermeasure Headquarters. What is this mysterious girl's story…?

Along with Jonishi are many famous names such as Kazuno Leah from Love Live! Sunshine!!, Hoshimi Junna from Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight and the well-known Hinata Satou who has done many stage play and live performance before. There are also other popular personalities such as Saiba Mizuki, Kaname Rin, Hiratsuka Hina, Kikkawa You, Yagura Fuuko, Sakura Ayaki, Ikuta Teru.

Stage play 『Cutie Honey Emotional』 is scheduled fromFeb. 6th to 9th, 2020, at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater. Advanced tickets are available to be purchase starting from Nov. 19th, 2019.