“Demon Slayer” has just announced the release of it’s movie “Mugen Train edition” as the continue story for its animation series, with the character Rengoku Kyoujuro casted by Hino Satoshi featured in the trailer.

The announcement is made on 28th of September at the end of the animation series, Demon Slayer’s 26th episode, which is the final episode. After broadcasting the movie clip of one of the Pillar, Rengoku KyojuroKyojuro Rengoku, the release of the movie Mugen Train is then announced.

Just like the animation series of Demon Slayer, the movie Mugen Train is in charge by the same director, Haruo Sotozaki, as well as character design by Akira Matsushima and animation design by ufotable.

As a tale continuing the final scene of Tanjiro, Nezuko and Inosuke boarding the Mugen Train, the movie’s further news will be much anticipated.

(C)Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha ・ Aniplex ・ ufotable