The contents and the guests that will join “Nerima Anime Carnival 2019” (scheduled to be held on Nov. 16) have been announced. There are lineup of 「SSSS.GRIDMAN」, the movie 「Kono Sekai no (Sara ni Ikutsumono) Katasumi ni」, works by Director Dezaki Osamu, 「Mobile Police PATLABOR」, 「Seikai」 series, the drama 「Natsuzora」 and so on.

“Nerima Anime Carnival 2019” held around the Nerima Station in Tokyo is an event aiming to make animation, which is an important industry for Nerima-ku, deeper, more enjoyable, and more familiar for people.
As Nerima-ku is said to be “the birthplace of Japan animation,” the program will be prepared to make the works even more interesting for the visitors by letting them know the techniques used in the animation works and the thoughts of creators participating in the production.

Among the programs currently planned, at the Nerima Bunka Center Small Hall, the main highlights are “「SSSS.GRIDMAN」The encounter with anime and special effects”, “The movie 「Kono Sekai no (Sara ni Ikutsumono) Katasumi ni」Talk Show 1 month before release”, “Let’s talk with Master Dezaki Osamu”.

In “「SSSS.GRIDMAN」 the encounter with anime and special effects”, they will dig into **SSSS.GRIDMAN**, which was an anime and yet sticked to its “special effects”, and in “The movie **Kono Sekai no (Sara ni Ikutsumono) Katasumi ni** Talk Show 1 month before release”, three female casts such as Omi Minori (as Kuromura Keiko), Iwai Nanase (as Shiroki Rin) and Shintani Mayumi (as Hojo San) will perform “Girl Talk”.
In “Let’s talk about Master Dezaki Osamu”,
the 26th episode from **Aim for the Ace!** and **Black Jack (OVA)** that he directed will be screened.

In this event there are also “**Banner of the Stars III -Family Dining-** screening live commentary” that commemorates its release of “Seikai Complete Blu-ray BOX”, “**Natsuzora** study of animation era at the dawn of Japanese anime that Kotabe Yoichi talks about”, which closes up the dawn of Japanese animation from the drama **Natsuzora**, “Current animation market overseas seen from producers” that the producer of **PROMARE**, Ukai Keisuke and other will appear on the stage, and “Mobile Police PATLABOR 30th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition in Nerima”.

“Nerima Anime Carnival 2019” will be held on Nov. 16 around the north exit of Nerima Station. Admission is free and some programs are available for pre-applications. Visit the official website for program details and application.

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