To answer the high demand from fans, 4D screening of the movie 『Tenki no Ko / Weathering with You』 will start on September 27, 2019. At the same time, a new visual of “Praying Poster” will be unveiled.

『Weathering with You』 is the latest work by Shinkai Makoto, after his big-hit movie 『Your Name.』. As soon as it is released on July 19, 2019, the movie is played on 448 screens in 359 cinemas nationwide. It is a story about a boy and a girl confronting their destiny with a sensational message sent by Director Shinkai to the world, and even without you evenwithout realizing it, you’ve been thrown into the “Shinkai World” with its overwhelming visual beauty and trembling music. In the first 60 days since its release until September 16, it recorded 9.5 million spectators and box office revenues of 12.7 billion yen and also rewarded as the No. 1 hit movie released in 2019, inside and outside of Japan.

In the recently announced 4D version, 『Weathering with You』, which depicts the changing weather phenomenon, fans will be able to feel the environmental effects such as water, wind, smoke, snow, flash, and airshot. Especially at the end of the story, in the heavy rain scene that flips over the reeds, you can expect the greatest water production in 4DX history. You can experience the beauty of this movie all over again with your eyes, ears, and skin like never before. Please check the movie official website for the screening theaters of MX4D and 4DX.

In addition, a new visual “Praying Poster” which was produced to commemorate the record big hit will be unveiled. The image of Hodaka and Hina relaying their prayer while holding hands with the view of city of Tokyo below them is created impressively. This “Praying Poster” will be available in theaters nationwide from September 27.

The movie 『Weathering with You』 is still available in Toho nationwide. While the 4D screening will start on Friday, September 27.