『Dead or Bullet』 is a spin-off from the light novel, 『Dead or Alive』that has over6 miliions of series sell all over the world, turned into TV-animation three times and made into movie. It is a another-story with Tokisaki Kurumi as the main character who has also high popularity in the original series.

This time, on top of Tokisaki Kurumi character acted by Sanada, The original series writer of 『Dead or Alive』, Tachibana Koushi and the original series writer of 『Dead or Bullet』, Higashide Yuuichirou provided their joyful comments regarding the animation.

Besides that, in the [Fantasy Bunko Daikanshia Festival 2019] held in the 20th of October 2019, it is decided that Sanada will be added as a performer in the special stage of [Dead or Alive]. We can't leave our eyes from the latest update on the event !

<The followings are the whole comments stated>

【『Dead or Alive』 original series: Tachibana Koushi】
『Dead or Bullet』animation project ongoing! Congratulations! Thank you very much! Hahahahahha!

Kurumi's flashy battle, with Hibiki's excellent actions make me feel excited about it. Looking forward towards it! Thanks for loving 『Dead』and it make me feel happy about it. Thank you for your continued support!

【『Dead or Bullet』 original series: Higashide Yuuichirou】
Tokisaki Kurumi's spin-off arising from Tokisaki Kurumi for the sake of Tokisaki Kurumi. This makes 『Dead or Bullet』 as what is meant to be.
The novel written wholeheartedly to make her who is entrusted by the original writer, Tachibana Koushi to look more gorgeous, stylish and dazzling has its animation decided! Please look forwardto the world of『Dead or Alive』,whichis showing its
fascinating breath of work progressively!

【Role of Tokisaki Kurumi: Sanada Asami】
I feel delighted to be able to act as Kurumi-san again. At the same time, I am filled with the excitement and also the responsibility from my role in [Dead or Bullet]. I would like to do my best to face and fulfill my role as Kurumi-san! Please give us your support!

▼『Dead or Alive』 Special Stage will be held at 「Fantasy Bunko Daikanshia Festival 」! Sanada Asami is expected to be performing.

「Fantasy Bunko Daikansha Festival 2019]」
Opening time: 20th of October 2019(Sunday) 11:00~
Venue: Tokyo・Belle Salle Akihabara Underground 1F Special Stage
Speakers: Inoue Marina (Role of Yatogami Tooka), Togashi Misuzu (Role of Tobiichi Origamai), Mano Ayumi (Role of Nanami), Sanada Asami (Role of Tokisaki Kurumi)
※Performers are subject to change without notice.

(C) Higashide Yuuichirou・Tachibana Koushi・NOCO