The first collaboration between TV animation 『HUNTER×HUNTER』 and the Watches's Select Shop 「TiCTAC」 has been realized. The 「HUNTER×HUNTER×TiCTAC Collaboration Watches」 with all 8 types imaging Gon ,Hisoka and others are now accepting reservation at the official shopping site of Bandai, 「Premium Bandai」.

「Gon model」's watch face will be manifesting the design of pattern of Gon's rucksack or the lure of fishing stick of him. For the second hand of watch, The shocking silhouette of Evolved-Gon strengthening himself forcefully in order to defeat the strong opponent, Neferupito at the end of the 「Chimera=Ant Acts」 is selected.
「Killua Model」 consists of a silver and grey-coloured base of watch face imaging Killua. One of his move 「God speed(Kanmuru)」's pattern with the thunder-striking image of blue brings out the cool atmosphere of it.

「Kurapika Model」 has its outer frame of watch faced to look striking filled with the 「Judging Chain of Little Finger(Judgement Chain)」 just like Kurapika. The crown consists of red stone imaging Kurapika's tribe, the Kuruta tribe's 「Hinome」 discovered upon extreme emotion.
「Leorio Model」 is designed stylish that fits the image of Leorio. It may seem to look like a normal watch but its indial embodies the sunglasses image , where his bag's pattern is imprinted on the watch face which brings out the taste of the character by the design itself.

「Kuroro Model」 is a Kuroro-imaging classic designed watch. The motif comes from the image of Kuroro being the leader of the bandit group known as the 「Phantom Brigade」 or 「Spiders」, and the reverse cross on his forehead is imprinted on the watch face, bringing up the elegance of Kuroro's image.
「Hisoka Model」 's pink colour leather of the belt lining make us to recall him with the watch face's filled with random trump card's pattern. The spider mark imprinted on the watch face also is facing a different direction from the other members of the 「Phantom Brigade」.

「Korutopi Model」 bounds the image of Korutopi's 「The God's Right Hand and the Devil's Left Hand(Gallery Fake)」. The index of numbers has the same figure copied . On top of that, the Indial of little needle is actually faked imprint, if observed carefully where psychic power seems to be used everywhere.
「Feitan Model」 is an all-black simple-designed watch imagingFeitan himself. The significant bandana's skull mark is used as the design of the face of watch where within the simplicity of the design, we can clearly reminisce him from this one watch.

「HUNTER×HUNTER×TiCTAC Collaboration Watches」is priced 19,800Yen(Tax included)。The reservation is opened until the 23:00 of the 31st of October where it is scheduled to be shipped inon February of 2020.
Nevertheless, 「Premium Bandai」 is having a luxury campaign for 10 変更前 purchasersrchaser who will be randomly picked to receive the 「HUNTER×HUNTER×TiCTAC Collaboration Watch Limited Edition Netero Model(Unsaleable product)」

(C)POT(Togashi Yoshihiro)1998-2011 Year(C)VAP・Japan Television・Madhouse