Based on the "Sofisticated but Cute" concept, Sailor Moon releases a notebook filled with its charm called 「Sailor Moon 2020 Make Up! Schedule Book」. It is currently available for pre-order from September 17, at Sunstar Stationery Store in Premium Bandai.

The 2020 line up is categorized as "Icon version" and "Shop version". Both come with “schedule stickers”, making your schedule management easier.

"Icon version" is designed like a gift package, filled with icons from Sailor Moon. The metallic stamp of Luna who is sitting on the moon creates a delicate yet gorgeous atmosphere. The navy fabric of the cover is studded with embossed Luna and other icons of relevance to the series. It is a cute design that will never be forgotten.

"Shop version" features a pink cover designed to look like a sweets shop window, decorated with sweets and character items. The cover is soft pink that has a romantic design with an embossed gold transformation brooch.

We can feel the image of Sailor Moon on both versions, and the notebook itself uses high-quality material, making it comfortable to touch.
Both versions are sized W145 X H200mm including the cover. It also has zipped storage that can hold business cards and pen, and it can be carried compactly while storing the contents securely.

Also in the 2020 edition, there are sweet sticker motifs of Sailor Guardian's most popular foes, like the Amazon Trio and Amazoness Quartet. It is a simple and easy-to-use design that you can enjoy every day and every month as a Sailor Moon fan.

The price for both types is 4,400 yen (tax inclusive) (shipping and handling fee not included). It is currently up for pre-order at Premium Bandai. Scheduled to be released around December 2019.

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