The date of the first stage of the music play 『 Lord・el Meloy the Ⅱ 's cases-case. Hakuri castle Adler-』was decided on the December 15 in 2019 ,and the key visuals of the play were published for the first time , at the same time, visuals of Lord・el Meloy Ⅱ played
Matsusita Yuya and Glay played by Aono Miho were also published.
『 Lord・el Meloy the Ⅱ 's cases-case. Hakuri castle Adler-』 is a music play based on the legitimacy and superb magical mistery written by Mita Makoto. TV animation Lord・el Meloy the Ⅱ 's cases ,which is on the air now, is getting more exciting, going into the latter half. this animation is the original of the music play.

The Clock tower is in the center of the magic world. For some resons, at this Clock Tower El Meloy2,the lord of the modern magic depaertment is got involved in theinheritance trouble of Hakuri-castle Adler . A lot of angels scattered all over the castle, and invitees were required to solve the mystery of angel's name.
It is said thatOnly the one who solves the mystery can heir the inheritance of Hakuri castle Adler.However, this is not just the matter of solving mystery,but the beginning of an incredibly translunary and miserable case.

You can see the great reproduction of the key visuals , visuals of Lord・el Meloy Ⅱ played by Matsusita and Glay played by Aono.
You can also see the fine reproduction of the costume of indivdual visuals.

Starting from the pre-view on December 15 , 2019,The music play『 Lord・el Meloy the Ⅱ 's cases-case. Hakuri castle Adler-』 is performed in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.
the information of the staff members such as music-Wada Shunsuke and lyric writer Kyo Eiko( 許瑛子) is also released.
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