September 8, 2020 By: CHiRO★ (Translated by YK & Porew ), 52 views

Completely new novel of "Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" will be released after 9 years of blank! Three short stories of over 250 pages, including "Challenge of Tsuruya-san", will be in the novel

August 17, 2020 By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by NN & gyanyao ), 100 views

Takasugi Shinsuke from "Gintama" celebrates his birthday on Aug. 10! A teddy bear and newly drawn illustration goods Inspired by Takasugi will be released

July 13, 2020 By: Sakai Yasuna (Translated by Porew & NN ), 132 views

"Twisted" The beautiful villains had gathered at Animate… Advanced sales of the latest good at the POPUP SHOP

June 12, 2020 By: Sakai Yasuna (Translated by gyanyao & NN ), 234 views

“Bungou Stray Dogs” Dazai Osamu and Nakajima Atsushi in “White Suits” With a “Bouquet” Will Knock You Out♪ Collaboration With the Animate Cafe New StoreNew Store of Animate Cafe.

June 10, 2020 By: Sakai Yasuna (Translated by finegrey & Porew ), 188 views

"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" Let's solve a riddle with Giyu & Shinobu! A riddle kit with a ballpoint pen has appeared at Animate

May 25, 2020 By: Akebono Mine (Translated by gyanyao & YaruJan ), 266 views

What Does Everyone Wear on Rainy Days? "Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?" Goods Fair at Animate!

May 15, 2020 By: CHiRO★ (Translated by finegrey & gyanyao ), 214 views

"Animate Shinjuku" will be moving to Shinjuku HALC. Products such as character goods and comics will be gathered on a single floor.

April 21, 2020 By: CHiRO★ (Translated by finegrey & Porew ), 414 views

"IDOLiSH7" Re:vale anniversary day♪ Momo & Yuki's new accessory has appeared! Double ring with the image of "2019 Anniversary"

November 20, 2019 By: Akebono Mine (Translated by Rakyel & Kenta ), 182 views

"The hamburger everyone enjoys on the way home" and order awesome food from the menu of Collab Cafe Hikaru no Go

TV Anime “Hikaru no Go” Collab Cafe event will be opened for a limited time, starting from Nov. 28 at Animate Cafe in 3 cities: Ikebukuro, Sendai, Nagoya. The Cafe's items on the menu are based on the images of characters from Hikaru no Go and the merchandises will feature original artworks never seen before.

November 15, 2019 By: MoA (Translated by Kae & Porew ), 180 views

“Animate Girls’ Festival 2019” Got Amazing 100,355 Visitors in 2 Days, More than Last Year

The largest-scale girls-oriented event in Japan, “Animate Girls’ Festival 2019” (AGF2019) took place in Nov. 9 and 10, 2019, covering the entirety of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district.

Special Topics
The 2nd PV for Ahiru no Sora has been released! Don’t miss out on the hot scene featuring a freakishly tall basketball player!

The 2nd PV for TV anime Ahiru no Sora has been released and features the passionate plays of a freakishly tall basketball club member. Broadcasting information was released at the same time. The series will be aired on TV Tokyo’s channel 6 starting on October 2nd.

News Ranking
From "JoJo: Golden Wind" comes business suits! Giorno & Bucciarati are ready for action!

From TV anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind" comes blazers and pants (slacks) which can be worn together as business suits inspired by Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati. Pre-orders are available at "Premium Bandai" until Dec. 26, 2019.