“Granblue Fantasy Fes 2023”, a major real-life event for the mobile game Grandblue Fantasy was held over two days, December 23rd and 24th, at Tokyo Big Sight.

This article is the second part of the Day2 stage by the official cast. The mind-blowing sword battle excited the audience!

As Zeta / Yu (X:@yu_know_what) and Vaseraga / Ryuji appear on stage, they are immediately surrenouded by enemies.

Despite Zeta’s grumbling about being bothered on the day of the festival, she mercilessly slays her enemies.

Zeta / Yu (X:@yu_know_what)

The flawless coordination between Vaseraga and Zeta, who dodges Vaseraga’s sweeping attacks with a crouch without even looking back, was simply spectacular!

Just as thing seemed to calm down, a shadowy enemy appeared on the back screen when Beatrix / Maoto (X:@_mao_a) comes to the rescue.

Beatrix / Maoto (X:@_mao_a)

Their performance of sword battles, perfectly synchronized with the movements of the shadowy figure, was spectacular. The scene where both characters unleash their signature moves were particularly intense.

After their victorious battle, they struck a triumphant pose.

Next up was a performance by Narmaya / Miiko (X:@mmm_mii_), which was yet another visually captivating display full of dynamic movement.

Narmaya / Miiko (X:@mmm_mii_)

After her performance, she greeted the Captain (audience) and then made her exit.

Narmaya / Miiko (X:@mmm_mii_)

Making her debut on the runway was Hekate / Kominato Yuuka (X:@yuuka_kominato) who appeared as the Water GW NM200 boss.

Hekate / Kominato Yuuka (X:@yuuka_kominato)

After Hekate confidently displayed her enchanting poses, Nier / Arii Chie (X:@chie_arichan) appeared with a tense expression, seemingly sensing an ominous presence.

However, Kou / Kotori Miyabi (X:@toritori_miyabi) began her performance, urging the Captain (audience) to ejoy the festival without worry. Her performance was another example of elegant sword skills.

Kou / Kotori Miyabi (X:@toritori_miyabi)

After the sword battle, Wilnas / Kubo Ryuichi (X:@Rk_aka_waros), Wamdus / Sekai Hiyo (X:@sekaihiyo), and Fediel / YuiRi (X:@planet_osiris)gave a stage performance.

The performance wrapped up in a truly festive manner, ending on a high note with an upbeat and cheerful ‘Wasshoi’ vibe.

Wilnas / Kubo Ryuichi (X:@Rk_aka_waros)
Fediel / YuiRi (X:@planet_osiris)
Wilnas / Kubo Ryuichi (X:@Rk_aka_waros) Fediel / YuiRi (X:@planet_osiris) Wamdus / Sekai Hiyo (X:@sekaihiyo)

As the performances came to a close, Sandalphon / Ohoka Taizo (X:@MONOLITH_TAIZO), and Lyria / Toto (X:@toto_ototo) came on stage, when a sinister shadow emerges.

As Sandalphon slices through the shadow that look somewhat familiar…

Sandalphon / Ohoka Taizo (X:@MONOLITH_TAIZO), Lyria / Toto (X:@toto_ototo)

Surprisingly, Lucifer / GIN (X:@GIN_aaaaaa) crossed over to this world!

To protect the Captain (audience), Sandalphon leaped towards Lucifer. Isn’t he being too reckless by taking on such a challenge alone?

Lucifer / GIN (X:@GIN_aaaaaa)

In a tense battle of attack and defense, Sandalphon was nearly overpowered. However, he seized a crucial opportunity to exploit Lucifer’s restricted abilities, resulting from his forced connection to this world. Sandalphon successfully pushed back Lucifer to withdraw as he said, “Gathering information was enough for today.”

With the threat gone, Sandalphon assured everyone, saying, “We will continue to be on guard, so please, Captain (audience), go on and enjoy the festival.” With his reassuring words, the stage event truly came to a close.

The powerful performance, faithful to the world of Granblue Fantasy until the very end, was a testament to its continued excellence. As it approaches its 10th anniversary, Granblue Fantasy is as lively and vibrant as ever!

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