“Granblue Fantasy Fes 2023”, a major real-life event for the mobile game Grandblue Fantasy was held over two days, December 23rd and 24th, at Tokyo Big Sight.

During the event, a variety of attractions were offered including talk and live stages featuring popular voice actors, shows by the official cast, and collaborations with Sanrio Characters, Hololive, and Gachapin & Mukku, providing an array of exciting activities for attendees.

The game, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary on March 10, 2024, has seen its real-life events enlivened by cosplayers dressed as characters from the game, serving as official cast members. The stage performances have consistently received high praise, and there have even been fashion shows held at previous events.

This time, with a daily changing lineup, The show, featuring impressive singing, dancing, and sword battles, was a spectacle for the audience.

In this article, we will present the engaging Day2 stage events in two parts

The opening had a surprise entrance of Lyria / Toto (X:@toto_ototo), Sandalphon / Ohoka Taizo (X:@MONOLITH_TAIZO), and Yuni / Matsutake Nejime (X:@chiinejime.

The venue quickly buzzed with excitement as voice actors lent their voices to the official cast, creating a splendid relay of performances.

Sandalphon / Ohoka Taizo (X:@MONOLITH_TAIZO), Lyria / Toto (X:@toto_ototo), Yuni / Matsutake Nejime (X:@chiinejime

Lancelot / Misaka Ryohei (X:@vinanshi_ryohei)
Percival / Beat (X:@hata_beats999)
Vane / Fujioka Ao (X:@FineNobuaki)

They delivered a non-stop, high-energy dance performance.

Next was another dance performance by the Eternals Tien / Yukino Runa(X:@yukiruna_hotaru)and Feower / Yukino Nana (X:@yukinana_uzura).

After the dance,Seofon / TOMMY(X:@tommy883twf, another Eternal who came to call the two back, and(X:@Juriana_disko), who made the first appearance, received a big applaud. Especially the shot of Nehan and(X:@ryo_igarashides)must have been a treat for the fans.

Seofon / TOMMY (X:@tommy883twf)
Nehan / Juriana Disko(X:@Juriana_disko)
Seox / Igarashi Ryo (X:@ryo_igarashides), Nehan / Juriana Disko (X:@Juriana_disko)

When the dance was over, the program moved on to a dramatic display by Nezha / Matsubara Rin (X:@rinpkninja) and Seox.

Nezha / Matsubara Rin (X:@rinpkninja)
Seox / Igarashi Ryo (X:@ryo_igarashides)

Just when it seemed like it would be a bare-handed performance, they intensified the action with weapons. In the end, the performance was interrupted by the scolding from Medusa / misaco (X:@oOsuyaaaOo).

The performance was a fantastic showcase, capturing the essence of the characters and their world with remarkable faithfulness and stability.

Medusa / misaco (X:@oOsuyaaaOo) Nezha / Matsubara Rin (X:@rinpkninja)
Nezha / Matsubara Rin (X:@rinpkninja)

The Four Disciples Europa / Eiri (X:@kaorokuri), Godsworn Alexiel / Naruga Kurumi (X:@krmcougar), Grimnir / Sashi (X:@Sa_ASHi) who made the first appearance, came together and formed a band.

Though it was Shiva’s debut performance, his statement “Today, we’re going to do what’s called fan service,” excited the audience.

Europa / Eiri (X:@kaorokuri)
Grimnir / Sashi (X:@Sa_ASHi)
Godsworn Alexiel / Naruga Kurumi (X:@krmcougar)
Shiva / Nose Hideyo (X:@nochiloco)

The full-scale band performance, which clearly required extensive rehearsals for this special day, powerfully conveyed the dedication to the Granblue Fantasy content, especially as it approaches its 10th anniversary.

And finally, in a fitting conclusion, the performers descended into the audience and made their exit, symbolizing the Disciples coming down to be among the people.

Part 2 will be full of sword fights by Zeta and Narmaya.

“Granblue Fantasy Festival 2023” Zeta, Narmaya, and Lucifer Give a Mind-Blowing Performance! Official Cast Stage Report [Part 2・102 photos]