From “Pokémon” comes the “Pokémon PON Name Stamp” that can be used on various materials, including paper, cloth, and plastic. You can choose your favorite Pokémon from the 151 Pokémon from the Kanto Area.

“Pokémon” become a big hit with the Gameboy game “Pokémon Red/ Green” that was sold in 1996. After that, it was developed into a Trading Card Game, TV anime, and films, and become a contents loved worldwide.
The TV anime is still being broadcast for 25 years after it started in 1997. The protagonist, Ash has won the Pokémon World Championship after defeating the champion Leon, and he finally become the top in the Pokémon Battle. A new series is scheduled to be broadcast in April 2023.

Currently, the sales of “Pokémon PON Name Stamp”, which allow you to create a stamp with the 151 familiar Pokémon, including Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Lapras, and Mew Two, have started. This product was created by fulfilling the request of “Can you make a stamp that can be used on objects?”.

As this stamp can be used on various materials, such as the usual paper, cloth, plastic, vinyl, and metal, this enable the stamp to be used on children’s singlet or the lunch boxes, and the daily necessities for adults. As water resistant ink is used, the stamped object can be washed with water!

A total of 3 types of font are available, from the orthodox type, to the familiar type and pop type. The face of the stamp allow the create of name in either three Kanji letters, five Hiragana or Katakana letters, or six Alphabets letters only. Other than the name, message such as “I’ve seen it”, “Thank you”, or “Pass”, can be inserted as well.

The size of the stamp’s face is 13 mm (diameter) to allow the visible of the name, with 5 types of body colors available and the ink color is in black only. The stamp will comes with a refillable ink (10cc) which allow numerous ten times of refilling, and it can be use for 100 times per refilling. The product will also comes with a specialty package with an original design featuring the Pokémon from Kanto Area.

“Pokémon PON Name Stamp” is available on main website of the online stamp shop “Stamp Shop Hanko-S” managed by Okada Shokai. The price is 3,200 JPY (tax included) each.

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