A special version of the TV anime “Yo-kai Watch”, “Yo-kai Watch: Jibanyan vs. Koma-san Mongee Dai Kessen da Nyan”, will be released in theaters from January 13, 2023, at Aeon Cinema and other theaters.

The “Yo-kai Watch” series was created in 2013 as a video game developed and released by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS, and in January 2014, an anime produced by OLM began airing on TV, followed by a manga adaptation, toys such as the Yo-kai Medal, and a clever media mix that led to a huge boom in 2014.

“Yo-kai Watch♪”, currently airing on six TV Tokyo networks, is the latest in the anime series. In this work, the popular yo-kai (monsters) from the beginning of the series, such as Jibanyan, Koma-san, and the yo-kai butler Whisper, as well as other well-known yo-kai with rich personalities, make a full-fledged appearance. The series is a painful comedy in which a great deal of commotion spreads across the screen.

A special animated feature film, “Yo-kai Watch: Jibanyan vs. Koma-san: Mongee Daisakusen da Nyan”, which is packed with all the fun of “Yo-kai Watch”, will be released in theaters. In this film, for the first time in “Yo-kai Watch” history, the top two most popular yo-kai, Jibanyan and Koma-san, face off in a hot and crazy showdown battle.

It all started with a mysterious event that happened suddenly one day. Jibanyan’s favorite candy, Chocobo, and Koma-san’s favorite soft-serve ice cream somehow began to disappear from the world one after another. Furthermore, an unprecedented crisis involving the most powerful existence in the demon world, Enma the Great, is also revealed.
What will happen to Jibanyan vs. Koma-san? And who is the mastermind behind the incident? Expectations are high for this exciting work, which is sure to be a real yo-kai all-star production.

“Yo-kai Watch: Jibanyan vs. Koma: Mongee Daisakusen da Nyan” is scheduled to open in theaters on January 13, 2023, at Aeon Cinema and other locations.

TV animation broadcast information: Every Friday from 6:25 to 6:55 pm on 6 TV Tokyo networks
(C) LEVEL-5/Yo-kai Watch♪ Project, TV Tokyo