A special trailer for the 26th film from the Detective Conan series, was released after the revival screening of the “Halloween Bride”.

The “Detective Conan” series began in 1994 in “Weekly Shōnen Sunday” (Shogakukan), and currently runs to 102 comic books. It is a well-known popular manga with a total worldwide circulation of more than 250 million copies.
The TV anime series began in 1996 on Yomiuri and Nippon Television, and this year marks its 26th year as a long-running program.

The 25th film in this series, “Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween,” has also been a phenomenal hit. Including the revival screening of “Halloween Bride”, which was in theaters until recently, box-office revenues totaled 9.7 billion yen and audience numbers exceeded 6.99 million, making it the top-grossing film in the series.

The special trailer for the 26th film in the series was released after the revival screening of “Bride of Halloween”.

The trailer starts with Conan’s voice saying, “Haibara, can you hear me…?” Then it shows various scenes of Haibara Ai, who has three identities: “Shelly” as a member of the black organization, “Shiho Miyano” whose sister was murdered, and “Haibara Ai” who meets Conan and his friends after escaping from the organization.

The trailer ends when Haibara says, “Save me…please….” in a voice that sounds as if it is about to fade away. What is the danger that looms over Haibara, and what does the partially revealed title, “Black,” mean ……?

The 26th theatrical version is still shrouded in secrecy. The film is scheduled to be released during the Golden Week holidays in 2023.

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