The “Musketeers Collaboration Cafe” based on the smartphone game “Senjyushi: Rhodoknight” (hereafter: Senjyunshi R) is currently being held at “mixx garden” in Tokyo and Osaka from August 25, 2022.
In this article, we would like to introduce the second half of the collaboration café, which will start on September 17.

“Senjyushi” is a Musketeer RPG in which you fight, learn, and bond with the “Musketeers,” the incarnations of guns awakened by the power of a rose wound carved in your hand, and guide them through their growth. Even after the service ended in 2019, the game continued to receive enthusiastic support from fans, with the release of new CDs and live stage performances. Currently, a completely new work, “Senjyushi R,” which depicts the world seven years after “Senjyushi,” is available.

At the “Musketeer Collaboration Café,” customers will be greeted by mini characters in original café costumes, and food and desserts inspired by each country and drinks based on the characters will be served.

If you make a reservation in advance for your visit, a “bromide of your choice” and a “drink coupon (worth 750 yen)” will be given away. In the latter half of the event, we are happy to announce that the bromides will feature the American, French, Austrian, and Belgian groups of musketeers.

The second half of the “Musketeers Collaboration Café” will be held at “mixx garden” in Tokyo and Osaka from September 17.

In addition to giving away a bromide of a character celebrating an “anniversary or birthday” for every 2,000 yen (including tax) spent per bill, there will also be a drawing for a panel to be displayed in the store after the collaboration is over. For details, please visit the special website.

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