“Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE ST☆RISH Tours” opened in theaters on September 2, 2022, and has been ranked 4th in the weekend box office rankings, up 148% from the previous week in terms of box office revenue on Saturday and Sunday. The official website announced to distribute “silver tapes with messages from the idol (7 designs in total)” as an admission gift for the third week.

“Uta no Prince-sama” has released more than 5 million copies of songs and CDs since its beginning with the first game released in 2010. It is expanding its media mix to live performances by voice actors and anime adaptations.
The story follows a group of unique male characters who aspire to become idols, accompanied by music produced by Elements Garden, led by Agematsu Noriyasu.

“Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE Kingdom,” released in 2019, was a blockbuster hit drawing 1.18 million viewers and grossing more than 1.8 billion yen at the box office. The series marked the 10th anniversary of the anime’s broadcast in 2021.

This latest work in the series is fully live animation, and fans could even hear the realistic cheers of the audience. The film is also attracting attention for its “Maji LOVE Live Screening (non-speaking style),” in which fans could bring lightsticks and other items to enjoy the live performance (the main story) while taking steps to avoid infections. The “Double Encore,” added to the main performance starting on September 9, also adds excitement to the work.

The official website has announced that the box office from September 10 to September 11 was 148% higher than the previous week and the film has ranked 4th in the weekend box office rankings. These numbers are a record for a two-rank increase in box-office revenue and a three-rank increase in mobilization from last week. In the 11 days from the first day of its opening, it drew 225,585 audiences and box-office revenue exceeded 357,456,000 yen.
The film has also received high ratings on various movie websites, including 4.6 stars on Filmarks and 4.7 stars on Yahoo Movie Review, and expectations are high for future box office growth.

In addition, “silver tapes with messages from the idol (7 designs in total)” will be distributed as an admission gift from September 16th, the beginning of the third week of the film’s release. Be sure to visit the theater as soon as possible because there is only a limited number of the tape.

“Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE ST☆RISH Tours” is currently released in 128 theaters nationwide.