From the ongoing movie, “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan’s Island”, “the set of 5 mobile suit reproduction by Director Yasuhiko Yoshikazu” will be given as the 3rd week visitor’s gift. The special talk event will also be held to deepen the understanding of the series.

Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan’s Island” is the new movie by Director Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, based on the episode 15 of the pyramid of Japanese robot anime, “Mobile Suit Gundam” called “Cucuruz Doan’s Island”.

The movie has made big hits with 150,000 attendances in first 3 days and box-office revenue over 400 million JPY.

As the 3rd week’s gift, the distribution of “the set of 5 mobile suit reproduction by Director Yasuhiko Yoshikazu”, has been decided.
Mobile suits are often drawn with computer graphics, but some scenes in the movie are originally drawn by Director Yasuhiko himself, and the original designs will be distributed. It will be fun to look for where his original designs will appear in the movie.

Moreover, the “special talk show” will be held, where the Gundam fans of Tamura Atsushi and Wakai Osamu will ask straight questions that they want to ask as the fans to Director Yasuhiko and Producer Fukushima. The rare production designs by Tamura Atsushi, who was the general director and character designer, will be released during the event. This event will be held before the show held at 7:00PM on June 20, 2022 at Shinjuku Pikadery.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan’s Island” is ongoing movie all around Japan.

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