“Character Flower BOX” featuring Nyanko-sensei and Kuro Nyanko, characters from the TV anime “Natsume’s Book of Friends,” has been released as non-withering flowers. They are now on sale on online stores such as “Animal Flower Shop My Peridot”.

“Natsume’s Book of Friends” is a TV anime based on the manga series by Midorikawa Yuki, serialized in “Monthly LaLa” (Hakusensha), which began as an anime in 2008 and has so far aired for six seasons; “Natsume’s Book of Friends the Movie: Ephemeral Bond” was released in September 2018, and “Natsume’s Book of Friends The Movie: Tied to the Temporal World” was screened in theaters in January 2021.

Nyanko-sensei and Kuro Nyanko are represented by pasting together one by one petals of preserved flowers, which are flowers that do not wither, like a papier-mâché.

The Nyanko-sensei’s Flower BOX is individually handmade using preserved flowers of roses, carnations, hydrangeas, and hazelnuts. The outlines and facial parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth are expressed in acrylic.

The Kuro Nyanko Flower BOX, which resembles Nyanko-sensei in all but color, is made with different colored petals and parts for the face. The background flowers are also changed to match the color of the character.

Although they are cute on their own, many people have been purchasing them as a set immediately after their release. With candy wrapping that can be displayed on the wall, it is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for mothers who are fans of “Natsume’s Book of Friends.”

(c) Midorikawa Yuki, Hakusensha/”Natsume’s Book of Friends” Production Committee