Anime “The Prince of Tennis” series’ 20th anniversary event, “Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-”, will be available on BD and DVD on April 27th, 2022. Prior to the release, a digest PV, a newly-drawn box design, and original bonus designs were unveiled.

“Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-” was a premium event held on October 10th, 2021 when the anime series “The Prince of Tennis” reached its 20th year from the very first broadcast. Cast and guests of the regular members of Seishun Gakuen Middle School including Junko Minagawa playing Ryoma Echizen, Ryotaro Okiayu playing Kunimitsu Tezuka, and Suwabe Junichi playing Keigo Atobe gathered at the TOKYO DOME CITY HALL for the event.

The Blu-ray and DVD include the full-length event, which looks back on the 20-year history of the anime with talks, gags, recitations, and songs, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, including a cast roundtable discussion and backstage footage.
Along with the digest PV of the event, the box design featuring the memorable illustration of the nine regular members of Seishun Gakuen was also unveiled.

In addition, the design of the Blu-ray and DVD original perks and designs were also announced. A-3 illustration sheet with the sign of the 14 cast members from the anime are available on “A-on STORE”, 2 set of 56mm can badges of Ryoma Echizen and Kunimitsu Tezuka design are available on “Animate”, and a character fine mat (167x218mm) of Ryoma Itsuzen and Kunimitsu Tezuka design are available on “”.

“Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-” Blu-ray and DVD will be available on April 27th at ¥9,900 (including tax).

(C)Takeshi Konomi/Shueisha・NAS・New The Prince of Tennis Project