The web media “GetNews” has announced the result of their independent survey “GetNews Anime Trending Awards 2021” and “GetNews Online Trending Awards 2021”. Several words affiliated to “Uma Musume”, “Tokyo Revengers”, “Pui Pui Molcar”, and “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” have taken the top ranking.

“GetNews Anime Trending Awards” and “GetNews Online Trending Awards” are the independent trending awards of “GetNews” that are held annually.
For 2021, the trending words and expressions were recruited, and public voting was held for the nominated words and expressions. This time, the results on the top-ranking have been announced.

The gold of “GetNews Anime Trending Awards” is taken by “Molcar/ Pui Pui” from “Pui Pui Molcar”, which remains at the same place from the first half ranking, and the online meme ‘Mafty’s Sentence/ “Let’s see your actions, Mafty!’ ‘It will bear fruits somehow!’ ‘A Gundam!?’ (‘Yattemiseroyo, Mafty!’ ‘Nanto Demo Naru Hazuda!’ ‘Gundam Dato!?’)” from “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway”.

The silver is “Umapyoi” from “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” that remains at the same place from the first half ranking, and it is tied with “Is there any noncommittal person? (Hiyotteru Yatsu Iru?)” from “Tokyo Revengers”
The copper is taken by the online meme “The dance to urge (someone) to reflect” that was created by the “The dance to urge the Earth Federation to reflect” from “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway”.

Also for the “GetNews Online Trending Awards”, the gold is taken by the “Uma Musume” from the 2021 popular media mix contents “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”.
The silver is taken by the online meme “Guys are always like that…! Do they even think about us!?” that was created by the online advertisement “I am the only one that is not being assaulted in this world filled with zombies”.
The copper is “Constitutional Communist Party” that has become a hot topic in the lower house election.

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