“Laputa: Castle in the Sky” releases figure of Dola in her younger years. The Ghibli-themed American casual fashion style brand “GBL” will release the item on a build-to-order basis.

The product “GBL Castle in the Sky Air Pirate Dola 18 Years Old” celebrates the 35th anniversary of the series, featuring the captain of the air pirates Dola Gang, in her youthful days recreated as a carefully painted and intricate figure.

In this version her two hair braids are the same, however she wears a pirate bandanna on her head posing in a gallant manner with her gun and sword. The figure stand was designed after the treasure box from inside the ship, and the skulls on the four corners hold treasure-like rhinestones on their mouths. This is a masterpiece made with incredible care and attention to fine details.

“GBL Castle in the Sky Air Pirate Dola 18 Years Old” is priced 29,700JPY (tax included). Pre-orders can be done at the physical stores “GBL Miyashita Park” and “Ghibli ga Ippai Donguri Kyouwakoku”, as well as at the site “Ghibli ga Ippai Donguri Kyouwakoku Online Shop Sora no Ue Ten”. The product is scheduled for a June 2022 release.

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