When it comes to working adults and part-time workers, the “payday” is one day everyone looks forward to. Is there anything in special you’ve waiting to buy?

Here at anime!anime! We’ve rounded up two columns of the best items for you to spend your salary on: “Gunpla & Robot Figures” and “Character Figure”. In this article, we present you with a selection of character figures.

Ram from “Re:Zero” Dresses Up Graciously as a Courtesan … Transcending the Edge of Beauty and Elegance

From “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”, the figure of Ram dressed up glamorously as a courtesan, “Ram – Courtesan Journey – 1/7 Scale Figure”. The densely constructed figure displays a delicate flower-patterned embroidery designed after the character’s colors. The semi-transparent bangs are made of translucent parts, and her penetrating gaze accentuates the charm of the “Courtesan Ram”.

Ulquiorra from “BLEACH” Arrives as a Big-Sized Figure

From “BLEACH”, which recently celebrated 20 years of serialization with a new one-shot, the Espada member “Ulquiorra Cifer” was released as a big-sized figure. The figure features the character in his “Resurrección: Segunda Etapa” form. Among the Espada, he is the only one able to achieve this released form.

Ningguang from “Genshin Impact” Becomes a “Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade Ver.” Figure with Dazzling Thighs!

From the game “Genshin Impact”, the character Ningguang became a figure in “Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade Ver.”. Seating on the throne while crossing her legs, her clothing is provoking drawing attention to the thighs. The throne has special lamps that can light up.

DSmile’s Original Character “Eruru” Comes to Life as a Maid Bunny Figure!

The original character created by the illustrator DSmile, “Eruru” was transformed into a big size maid bunny figure. Eruru’s devilish looks which contrast with her innocent and lovely expression, and the gradient color over the stunning shapes of her hair are the best features of the figure. Pay special attention to the highly detailed fishnet stocks covering her slender legs.

Was this enough to awaken your materialistic desires? More details regarding ordering and purchasing methods are available at each product site. Some of the figures will close their pre-order period soon, so make sure not to miss this opportunity.