Itaindou, an online store specializing in illustrated stamps, has announced to bring out its flagship “Itain (creatively made stamps that features anime and games)” collaborated with the TV anime “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (ABBRV: Anohana)”. The “Itain” celebrates the 10th anniversary of the anime, and Itaindou will begin accepting limited orders from August 27th, 2021.

What is remarkable about this stamp is that Itaindou has used, for the first time in their history, genuine petals of forget-me-not. “Anohana” fans will recall the main character, Menma, by admiring this lovely flower.
Itaindou came up with the idea of concealing a genuine flower inside the stamp as the best way to deliver the message that Super Peace Busters are forever friends and fans will keep loving the anime even ten years after its release.

The pretty little flowers represent Menma, and the transparent acrylic stamp symbolizes her white hair and white dress. The stamp will be built to order for a limited number of 150.

The shop also announced the release of “The Flower We Saw That Summer”, another type of “Itain” that depicts the world from “Anohana”. The face side of the stamp is 15mm wide across, and on the side of it is a silhouette of Menma with flowers. Fans can choose the color from clear or blue, and since the stamp is not for actual use, they can display it in their room as an interior.

Along with the stamp, Itaindou will also offer a stamp case to store the “Anohana Itain”. There is a regular case with blue flowers and a yellow case marking the 10th anniversary of the anime. An exclusive box will come with the stamp case, and the first comers will receive a stamping map illustrating the remarkable scenes of “Anohana”.

All of the items are accepting orders at Itaindou’s online store.