The popular character of “My Hero Academia”, which are “Bakugou Katsuki”, “Todoroki Shouto”, and “Uraraka Ochaco” has been announced under Cutie1 series.
The product features various regular essences of the series, such as the plushie-like detail, buttons as the eyes, hair made out of stitch, and the zipper. The release date is scheduled for October 2022.

For “Bakugou Katsuki”, it featured his unique orange and black hero costume with a style overflowing with his “quirk”.

For “Todoroki Shouto”, who is the son of the current No.1 hero’s “Endeavor”, it recreated his signature Half-Cold Half-Hot hair color and the hero costume.

For the Uravity “Uraraka Ochaco”, it had recreated her cute and pink hero costume along with the Ochaco-like cheek on the face.

The complete set comes with the 3 products, and it is a limited product on Prime1 Studio Official Store in Japan.

“My Hero Academia” Cutie1 series is priced at 4,950 JPY each (tax included) while the complete set with Bakugou, Ochaco, and Todoroki is priced at 14,850 JPY (tax included). The release date is scheduled for October 2022.

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei/ Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee