From the time-limited shop “Detective Conan Plaza” of “Detective Conan” comes the porcelain bowl and Chinese soup spoon of “Ramen Ogura” from the work! The advance sales are being held on Detective Conan Plaza 4 venues since August 7, 2021.

“Detective Conan” is a genuine detective manga by Mr. Aoyama Gosho and it has been serialized on Shogakukan “Weekly Shounen Sunday” since 1994.
“Detective Conan Plaza” is a sale event of the popular “Detective Conan”. It has been held nationwide of Japan since 2017, and it became popular due to the sale of Conan Plaza’s limited goods and the distribution of venue limited novelty.

And on that “Detective Conan Plaza”, the sale of the porcelain bowl and Chinese soup spoon of “Ramen Ogura”, which fans must have heard before, have started. Just by collecting these two items, you will be able to experience “Ramen Ogura” at your house!

(C) Aoyama Gosho/ Shogakukan, Yomiru TV, TMS 1996