4 varieties of jigsaw puzzles and wooden hanko(name stamp), featuring “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, have been released. Pre-orders are currently available exclusively on AmiAmi.

Jigsaw Puzzle has 4 varieties, which are 2 varieties for 600 pieces, and 1 variety respectively for 300 pieces and 1000 pieces, featuring the illustrations of the anime’s key visual, Rimuru, Shizu, and Veldora.

Wooden Hanko Set consists of 7 varieties of rubber stamps. The lineup is filled with designs perfect for both business and private life, including “獲得 (Acquired)” and “成功しました (Succeeded)”.

Pre-orders are available exclusively on AmiAmi. The release is scheduled to be in late August, 2021.

(C)Kawakami Taiki, Fuse, Kodansha / TenSura Production Committee