“Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking” releases 100th entry of the toy line “Soul of Chogokin” featuring “Gaiking” and “Kargousaur”, in celebration of the franchise’s 45th anniversary. The toy set can play the anime’s theme songs.

“Chogokin GX-100 Gaiking & Kargosaur” toy set contains the dragon-shaped moving fortress “Kargosaur”, and the super mecha “Gaiking” from the original series broadcast between 1976 and 1977.
Also titled “GX-100 Project”, this is the 100th entry of the large toy line “Soul of Chogokin”, which began in 1997.

The “Kargosaur” is the tallest figure in the entire “Soul of Chogokin” series with a total of 750mm inof height. Stored in it are the 3 parts of the mecha “Gaiking”, which can be assembled to form the full mecha, in a similar fashion to the anime.

“Kargosaur” also comes with a gizmo that plays the anime theme songs sungsang by Sasaki Isao “Daiku Maryuu Gaiking” and “Hoshizora no Gaiking”. “Soul of Chogokin” provides yet another high spec toy set, through which fans are be able to relive the joy of the good old times.

“Chogokin GX-100 Gaining & Kargosaur” is priced at 82,500 JPY (tax included). Orders started on June 25 and the product is set to ship on December, 2021.

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