Goods that recreate the characters and world of “PUI PUI Molcar” have been released. Pre-orders are available on CRECO from June 22, 2021.

The lineup includes: “PUI PUI Molcar Fluffy Plush Pouch”, “PUI PUI Molcar Fluffy Cushion”, and “PUI PUI Molcar Diorama Pouch”.
The Plushy Pouch and Cushion are made out of fluffy material that makes it irresistible to hug it, and faithfully recreates the characters. You can put a squeaky whistle in it which will turn the items into squeaky toys. There are five designs in total: Potato, Abbey, Shiromo, Teddy, and Choco.

The Diorama Pouch is inspired by the scene from Episode 1 “Who Caused the Traffic Jam?”. It’s cute to see the Molcars on the sliders run around the roads every time you open and close the zipper.

Let’s enjoy these items that immerse you in the world of Molcars, both at home and outdoors.

(C) Misato Tomoki, JGY, Shin-Ei Animation / Molcars