The robot “Gunbuster” from “Aim for the Top!” is now available as a plastic kit. Now available for pre-order at Premium Bandai.

This product will be released as the first item of the spin-off brand “SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY” from the adult-oriented plastic kit brand “SHOKUGAN MODELING PROJECT”.
Based on the concept of “spinning out another story (destiny)”, the brand features stylish design arrangements by designer Miyauchi Toshihisa, and aims for a new “ultimate”.

The model has different expressions that are shown on each surface based on a method that uses “SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY’s” unique digital (3D) modeling.
The result is the ultimate “GunBuster,” a robot design that contains a high density of detailed information.

The blades on both shoulders are deployable, allowing you to enjoy both the design based on the settings or the design arranged by Miyauchi-san.

The “SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY ‘Aim for the Top! GunBuster’ is priced at 8,250 JPY (tax included). It is currently available for pre-order at Premium Bandai.