2nd Round of Ichibankuji featuring the TV anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” has been announced. This time, a real figure of the heroine “Mizuhara Chizuru” has been included for the first time.

The lineup for “Ichibankuji Rent-A-Girlfriend Manzokudo2 (lit. degree of satisfaction Round 2)” includes a real figure, tapestry with a newly drawn illustration, and book board which gives the characters’ voices.

“Mizuhara Chizuru” real figure, which is the first-ever item for Ichibankuji, recreates a costume, featured in Episode 10 of the TV Anime “Friend’s Girlfriend”, into three-dimensional figure. The total height of 23cm is spectacular.

The Last One Prize, which is allocated for the last lot, is ‘”Doukana?” ver. Mizuhara Chizuru Figure’, featuring the scenes from vol. 5 of original comic “Manzokudo39 My Girlfriend and the Chicken (3)”.
For Double Chance Campaign, Last One Prize Figure with a handwritten autograph by Amamiya Sora, who played the role of Mizuhara Chizuru, will be given.

Moreover, the line up includes “Canvas Tapestry” with a newly drawn illustration, “Book Board”, where a message from cast members are written and you can hear four types of voices randomly by loading a voice ID, and “Rubber Charm” with a lovely character illustration. Please collect them.

“Ichibankuji Rent-A-Girlfriend Manzokudo Round 2” is priced at 750 JPY per try (incl. tax), and is available at Lawson stores, book stores, hobby shops, game centers, etc. from June 19, 2021. It is also available on Ichibankuji ONLINE from 11:00 a.m. on June 21.

(C)Miyajima Reiji, Kodansha / “Rent-A-Girlfriend” Production Committee (R)KODANSHA