A 3D Mousepad of the four heroines including Mizuhara Chizuru from the TV anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” has appeared. It is available for pre-order at ‘Hobby Stock.’

The product “Rent-A-Girlfriend 3D Mousepad” is an item that is based on the new illustrations of the four heroines in their bikini outfits.
Based on the “size” of each heroine including Mizuhara Chizuru, Nanami Mami, Sarashina Ruka, and Sakurasawa Sumi, the “volume” of each product varies.

“Rent-A-Girlfriend 3D Mousepad” is priced at 4,000 JPY (Tax Excl.). They are available for pre-order at ‘Hobby Stock,’ and the sale of the product is scheduled for May 2021.
Furthermore, “Rent-A-Girlfriend Hobby Stock Webshop Limited Edition,” which includes a ‘B2-sized Tapestry’ of the illustrations used for the mousepads are available at 6,000 JPY (Tax Excl.) each.

(C) Miyajima Reiji・Kodansha / “Rent-A-Girlfriend” Production Committee