The 2nd key visual for “The Honor Student at Magic High School” (starting July 3, 2021) has been released. In addition, additional cast members including Nakamura Yuichi, Hanazawa Kana, Inoue Marina, and Nakahara Mai were also announced.

“The Honor Student at Magic High School” is a spin-off of the school magicus “The Irregular at Magic High School”, which has sold over 20 million copies in total, and focuses on the brilliant and perfect honor student, Shiba Miyuki.
Miyuki is enrolled in “Magic High School”, an institution for training “magicians” who maintain and use magic, and dreams of a friendly school life with her older brother Tatsuya, but she is confronted by a wall of “first class” and “second class” students, honor students and inferior students.

Along with the 2nd key visual, additional cast members have been announced.
Nakamura Yuichi as Shiba Tatsuya, Nishi Asuka as Akechi Eimi, Hanazawa Kana as Saegusa Mayumi, Inoue Marina as Watanabe Mari, Nakahara Mai as Ichihara Suzune, Ogasawara Saki as Nakajo Azusa, Lynn as Isshiki Airi, Tanazaki Atsumi as Kanou Shiori, Kido Ibuki as Tsukushiin Touko, and Ishibashi Erika as Mizuo Saho.

“The Honor Student at Magic High School” will begin airing on TOKYO MX and other stations on July 3 at 10:30pm.
Prior to this, “TV anime “The Honor Student at Magic High School” broadcast special program” will be aired on ABEMA Anime Channel from 11:00 pm on June 27.

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