The action figure of the machine “Kenbu” of the protagonist of the robotic anime “Kyoukai Senki” by the partnership between Bandai Spirits and Sunrise Beyond, the new group company of Sunrise, has been announced. This figure will be under “Robot Tamashi” and it will be released in October 2021 in general storefronts.

The product “Robot Tamashi ‘Side AMAIM’ Kenbu” is a completed action figure of “Kenbu”, the humanoid special mobile weapon (AMAIM) that the main protagonist Shiiba Amou pilots.

Despite it appearance of an industrial machine, it has ball joints all over the body allowing the agile movement just like in the work. It has a metallic coloring, opening and closing mechanism of the cockpit, and the cylinder on the chest is movable, which expressed the reality of this work.

“Robot Tamashi ‘Side AMAIM’ Kenbu” is priced at 4,500 JPY (tax excluded), and the release is in October.