From “Sumikko Gurashi” comes “Ichiban Kuji Sumikko Gurashi – Nonbiri Sumikko Camp-“, the latest in a series of character lottery entries where everyone wins a prize. The prizes include plush toys in stylish camping outfits, leisure rugs, and other original goods, which will be sold sequentially at Family Mart and Sumikko Gurashi stores from May 22, 2021.

The “Ichiban Kuji Lottery Sumikko Gurashi -Nonbiri Sumikko Camp-” is the first lottery entry featuring the original theme art “Nozukuri Sumikko Camp”.

Prizes A through D are a lineup of large plush toys about 28cm in size of “Shirokuma”, “Tonkatsu”, “Neko”, and “Tokage” in stylish camping outfits. “Shirokuma” is wearing a stole, “Tonkatsu” is wearing sunglasses, “Cat” is wearing a hair ornament, and “Togage” is wearing a hat in a cute design.

The “big leisure rug” with original art designed for the E prize is a big size at about 150 centimeters. The surface is made of macrofiber fabric and the back is waterproof, so it can be used both inside and outside the house. It also comes with a zippered bag for easy carrying.

Prizes F to H are a set of melamine spoons and forks with designs of Sumikko and Minikko, and a serving dish. The lineup also includes a cool muffler towel that feels cool when wet and squeezed out, a clear bottle that is convenient for daily use, and other practical goods.

The “Last One Prize”, which can be obtained by drawing the very last one, is a “Penguin? Camping Plushie” with a colorful garland.

The “Ichiban Kuji Lottery Sumikko Gurashi -Nonbiri Sumikko Camp” will be priced at 650 JPY (including tax) per entry and will be available at Family Mart and Sumikko Gurashi stores from May 22, 2021.
They will also be available at Ichiban Kuji Lottery ONLINE from 11:00 a.m. on June 21, 2021.

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