It has been announced that the handheld fan inspired by the anime “Tiger & Bunny” will be released by Animate. It will be available in two colors, which are “Wild Tiger” and “Barnaby Brooks, Jr.”, and it can be found at nationwide Animate and ACOS stores.

“Tiger & Bunny” takes place in the world where the super-powered individuals “NEXT” work as a “Hero”. It is a buddy hero action anime, where the veteran hero, Wild Tiger, who is facing problem in his work and private life, partnered up with the newbie hero Barnaby Brooks, Jr., who is capable but difficult to control, as they faced each other as well as the villains.
The TV series consisting of 25 episodes was broadcast from April 2011 to September 2011, and the film “The Beginning” was released in 2012 while the film “The Rising” was released in 2014. The sequel “Tiger & Bunny 2” was also announced for 2022.

The handheld fans that will be released by Animate are inspired by the colors of “Wild Tiger” and “Barnaby Brooks, Jr.”.
It will come with a USB charging cord and there are 3 levels of fan speed available. Surely, it will become a convenient fan item for the upcoming season.

“‘Tiger & Bunny’ Handheld Fan” is priced at 2,200 JPY each (tax included). The release date is planned for June 25, and it will be available at nationwide Animate and ACOS stores.