“Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo Go”, a 3D version of the mechanism from the TV anime “Getter Robo Go”, will be released in September 2021. As in the play, three machines are equipped with a gimmick that transforms and coalesces into Getter Robo, Getter Sho, and Getter Robo.

“Getter Robo Go” is a robot anime broadcast from 1991 to 1992. The leading mecha will be released as the 3D figure under the series “Soul of Chogokin”.

“Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo Go” reproduces three robots that combine Getter 1, Getter 2, and Getter 3. Getter Robo is a versatile robot that specializes in ground combat, and is a full-action model with fixed poses.
Also included are the getter-armed hand-throwing ax, the getter tomahawk, the boomerang saucer that throws the rotor on the back with the blade deployed, and the leg blade that cuts through the enemy with the blade of the shin.

Getter Sho is a female robot that is good at high-speed combat in the air. Getter 2 constitutes the upper body, Getter 1 constitutes the lower body, and Getter 3 constitutes the back booster.
Her main armament is a tornado attack that pierces the enemy with a drill on her right arm, and a string attack that restrains the enemy with an electromagnetic wire like a ribbon. The breast bomber of her chest missile was reproduced by attaching and detaching parts.

Getter Robo is a heavy tank robot that can move underwater and underground. Getter 3 is the upper body, Getter 1 is the abdominal turret, and Getter 2 is the chassis.
You can put a Getter Tomahawk or Great Hammer on the arm, or you can choose to equip the abdominal turret with an Impact Cannon or Harpun Cannon warhead.

The Soul of Chogokin series comes with a special pedestal inspired by the secret base Big Nather that appears in the play. All the three robots can be displayed, and special parts can be added to decorate them in the form of a getter machine before union. The price is 25,300 JPY (tax included).

(C) Dynamic Planning / Toei Animation