March 3 is “Momo no Sekku”.

The name comes from it being in the season of momo (peach) flowers, and the Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) is a famous event on this day. It is a day where people wish for the healthy growth of girls.

There are many anime characters that have peach color = pink as their theme color. Some have pink hair or costumes and others have “桃” (momo = peach) in their name. The question is who is the most popular among them?

We at Anime!Anime! conducted a readers’ survey asking “Who’s Your Favorite Pink Character?” There were 224 votes during the survey period from February 15 to 22.
The voters were mainly female with a gender ratio of 30% male to 70% female, and the age range was on the younger side with 50% under 20 and 30% in their 20s.

■Several idol characters made it in the top 10!
1st Place
Topping the list was Matsuno Todomatsu from “Mr. Osomatsu” with roughly 10% of the votes.

He received comments pointing out how his dependant character suits the color pink, “He’s the most effeminate of the musty sextuplets, and the color pink suits him well,” and “Pink is suitable for the manipulative, youngest brother.”
The manipulative, cutesy character was the most popular pink character.

2nd Place
Coming in 2nd was Yazawa Nico from “Love Live!” with only a few votes shy from the top.

She received comments saying, “Nico’s one of the cutest of the μ’s members and how she loves idols makes her the best fit for the color pink!”, and “Pink matches Nico who loves idols.”
The contrast between Nico sternly restraining herself as an idol and the bright pink color is impressive.

3rd Place
Kurusu Shou from “Utano Prince-sama” ranked at 3rd place with roughly 5% of the votes.

A male idol character made it in the top 3 with comments like, “Not only is his member color of ST☆RISH pink but also the color matches Shou-chan’s cuteness peeking through his chivalrous spirit,” and “I love the gap between his cute theme color, pink, and his bullish personality.”

■Here are some votes for other characters!
For Kanroji Mitsuri from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “Her hair that turned pink from eating too many sakuramochi (a rice cake with red bean paste wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf) looks good on her and is so cute!”
For Aoi Hinata from “Ensemble Stars!”, “The color is a pair with his twin brother Yuuta, and his accessories and costume are also pink. It helps distinguish the twins.”

For Amemura Ramuda from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap battle”, “His hair color and even the candy he has is pink. He also sings a song titled ‘Pink-Colored Love’.”

There were also votes for a heroine from a popular series “Yes! PreCure 5”, Cure Dream , “I used to watch the series when it was broadcast on TV, so I have many memories about her. She’s also going to appear in the latest movie.”

Various characters regardless of their gender made the list in this survey. Among them, several idol characters ranked high on the list.

■Top 20
[Who’s Your Favorite Pink Character?]
1. Matsuno Todomatsu “Mr. Osomatsu”
2. Yazawa Nico “Love Live!”
3. Kurusu Shou “Uta no Prince-sama”
4. Kanroji Mitsuri “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”
5. Kujou Tenn “Idolish7”
5. Kurosawa Ruby “Love Live! Sunshine!!”
5. Saiki Kusuo “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”
8. Amemura Ramuda “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”
8. Cocoa (Hoto Cocoa) “Is the Order a Rabbit?”
10. Ashido Mina “My Hero Academia”
10. Hanabusa Kokoro “I-Chu”
10. Maruyama Aya “BanG Dream!”
10. Momo “Idolishe7”
10. Yumehara Nozomi / Cure Dream “Yes! PreCure5”
15. Shigino Kisumi “Free!”
15. Kaname Madoka “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”
15. Kamado Nezuko “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”
15. Sakurauchi Riko “Love Live! Sunshine!!”
15. Hanasaki Tsubomi / Cure Blossom “HeartCatch PreCure!”
15. Hanadera Nodoka / Cure Grace “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”
15. Himemiya Touri “Ensemble Stars”
15. Mouri Ran “Detective Conan”

(Survey Period: February 15-22, 2021)