The time-limited shops of the TV anime “Rent-a-Girlfriend” is scheduled to be held on Hakata Marui, Kobe Marui, and Shibuya Marui Annex. A goods sale featuring the original illustration of the 4 heroines including a “Turnable Tapestry”, and the original art exhibition are planned.

This event “Rent-a-Girlfriend Limited Shop Marui to Kanojo -MaruKano-” will feature sales of products and goods with original illustration as well as a lottery.
As there will also be an anime’s original art exhibition and photo spots where you could take a photo with the heroine, fans will surely enjoy this event.

“Rent-a-Girlfriend Limited Shop Marui to Kanojo -MaruKano-” is scheduled to be held at Hakata Marui from Oct. 9 until Oct. 18, 2020, Kobe Marui from Oct. 10 until Oct. 18, 2020, and Shibuya Marui Annex from Nov. 14 until Nov. 24, 2020. Further details can be found on the special webpage.

(C)Miyashima Reiji, Kodansha/”Rent-a-Girlfriend” Production Committee